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Transforming Grimsby: CARE's Vision for a Community Hub Comes to Life

We are super excited to share the incredible news for the future of CARE and the future of our community in Grimsby. As we have just been granted planning permission to transform the vacant, 86-88 Victoria Street into a thriving Community Hub and home for many throughout North East Lincolnshire.

The Vision for the Community Hub:

Our vision for transforming this disused building, formerly known as the old RBS bank, into a community hub, is starting to shift from a dream to a reality. We are ensuring the plans for the community hub are being shaped and formed from the feedback gathered last year in our community consultation. We want to make sure the vision for this hub is just right, reflecting the needs and aspirations for the residents within our community.

Aiming to:

· Boost community pride and morale by bringing an abandoned building back to public use

· Expand Services: With lots of space to grow, expand and innovate, offering new services, supporting a larger number of people in our community

Impacting Our Community:

· Direct Support for Thousands: We envision the Hub as a sanctuary where individuals can access a variety of support services in a safe and accessible environment.

· A Place to Connect and Learn: It's a space where anyone can walk in, enjoy a cup of tea, make new friends, engage in creative workshops, and learn new skills.

· Empowering Through Opportunities: The Hub will offer exciting new job and volunteering opportunities, for the people of our town.

This new building will be life-changing for our community, a lasting legacy for generations to come

Join the Journey:

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Your input, ideas, and feedback are crucial. What services, activities, or facilities do you envision in this Hub? What would make it the perfect place for you, your family, or your clients? Let’s start a conversation and shape this project together!

Being granted planning permission is one of the first steps towards creating something great for our town.

Together, let’s make this hub a home for many in the heart of Grimsby, welcoming people from all walks of life to come together and thrive together. Watch this space!!!

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