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CARE Celebrates Purchasing 86-88 Victoria Street, to Transform Into a Community Hub!

On Tuesday evening CARE staff, volunteers and trustees, gathered together to celebrate the purchase of 86-88 Victoria Street, also known as the Old RBS Bank in the town centre.

We had the pleasure of welcoming new staff to join in on the celebrations and to meet the team. We all celebrated with cake & bubbly to commemorate the joyous occasion. Whilst going through architect drawings, what plans we have in store, and chatting about new ideas for the new space.

We have lots of exciting ideas and plans to transform the building into a community hub. We are hoping to create a public living room space, open to the community to anyone and everyone, to come in, have a cuppa and relax. A space to make friends, have conversations and feel less alone. We want people to have connections, a sense of community and a sense of pride for their hometown.

There are plans underway to expand our current services, which would enable us to support even more people. This new building will include a separate communal space to host workshops, events and lessons, to get people engaged, excited and to learn some new skills.

There's lots of exciting things happening behind the scenes, and we can't wait to be able to open the doors in 2024.

Why not take a look through some of the lovely photos taken from Tuesday's celebrations, capturing excitement, joy and welcoming new staff.

Photographs captured by Mark Kensett.

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