​When a landlord signs up their property to CARE Housing the following services are offered;

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For Landlords

  • A guarantee of £500 against damage for the first year of the tenancy.

  • Find, Interview and validate each prospective tenant advising you of any material facts.

  • Prepare tenancy agreement and ensure the tenant has all the legally required documentation from you to ensure legislation is complied with including Energy Performance Certificate, Gas Safety checks and ‘How to Rent’.

  • Set up Housing Benefit with clients to assist them to get this in payment

  • Set up Gas and Electric into the tenants name and clear any debts on meters  

  • Receive all monies for rent and forward them to you every four weeks, including Local Housing allowance and top up rent.

  • Liaise with housing benefit department, landlord and tenant to ensure that any interruption to the receipt of LHA is investigated and that benefit is up-and-running as soon as possible.

  • Keep you updated of any changes to LHA payments and legislation.

  1. Act as a ‘honest broker’ between the landlord and tenant with regard to:repair or maintenance nature reported to you and contractors contacted on your behalf if this is required

  2. the reporting to you of any issues of an emergency;

  3. encourage the tenant to act in a ‘tenant-like’ manner;

  4. attempt to act as a mediator between both parties.

  • Provide on-going support both for you and your tenant

  • Provide a 1-1 CARE Community Support Worker for your tenant for a period of up to one year, including visits to them in the rented home to help them sustain the tenancy and check on the property.

  • Agreement for current CARE landlords with BG Solicitors LLP for 10% reduction on legal fees for notice to quit, possession proceedings and eviction.

  • Carry out:

  • a check on the condition of the property before the tenant moves in;

  • an annual landlord’s inspection of the property during the period of the tenancy (if requested to do so by the landlord on their behalf);

  • a check on the condition of the property after the tenant leaves the property, take photographs and report back to you.

  • The cost of these services through CARE Housing to landlords is a charge of 4% (plus VAT) from the total rental income.  This charge is deducted when rent is received by CARE.

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