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Ways You Can Get Involved:

You can help us transform people's lives and prevent crisis by getting involved:


Help contribute towards the ongoing work of CARE. Your donations help us to transform lives and prevent crisis.


Looking to volunteer for a local charity? Why not join our team at CARE. 

Pick up valuable skills, make friends and contribute to a greate cause. 


Your furniture donations could gift someone a bed, a table, a sofa, etc. and transform their lives! Help end furniture poverty with us today. 

We also welcome clothes & bric a brac donations to our CARE Shop.


We need all the support we can get from our community & local businesses to keep our vital services running. 


Start your own fundraiser and help raise funds towards our vital services, helping vulnerable people within our community.


We are always looking to accept new partnerships with landlords to continue our CARE housing service. 

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