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Celebrate International Day of Happiness!

As we approach International Happiness Day on March 20th, we wanted to take the opportunity to ask our staff and volunteers what happiness means to them. We were overwhelmed with the positive responses we received and wanted to share a few of our favourites. We are so proud of the thoughtful answers and are really looking forward to celebrating International Happiness Day.

What does the word happiness mean to you?

To be grateful.

To spread kindness.

To be cheerful and smiley,

What makes you happy?

Lots of people answered family and friends make them happy. To have that close relationship with people that they can talk to, have support them and laugh them.

One volunteer answered coming to CARE and working with the customers makes them feel happy.

Who makes you feel happy?

Family, friends, and pets were the common answer for this question too. The common theme here is people love spending time with those closest to them, relationships and socialisation is so important for people’s happiness and wellbeing.

My grandchildren because they are kind, caring and amazing.”

My family makes me happy; they support me through hard stuff, I can always talk to them.

My little family, my baby definitely makes me happy, after losing my last child, she is looking over us and sending signs to us. My baby looks at photos of her and starts talking to her, babbling. It’s nice to know she’s still here.”

What makes you happy about working/volunteering for CARE?

“I love seeing different customers and helping out on the van, keeping active.”

“The friendliness of the staff, if I have any problems I can talk to anyone and they are like my little family.”

What makes you happy to live in North East Lincolnshire?

“Coming into Cleethorpes makes me feel happy, relaxed, and chill, it’s nice to be near the beach, and bringing my niece to the arcades is always fun.”

“Happy here because I have met my husband here, created my own family, and have grown up here since moving to this town at the end of primary school.”

Has anyone in the community ever made you feel happy by a random act of kindness?

“Lots of people are supportive when you are struggling, hugging me, saying it’s fine to talk, it’s helpful having people there.”

One staff member shared that her husband has been told about how she’s such a lovely lady, but not really to her face. I think if there’s one thing we could take from this is compliment people to their faces, it’s always heart-warming to hear kind comments about yourself, it makes the world a happier place.

“The customers will come in and compliment the layout and stock in the shop, which makes me feel I am doing a good job.”

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