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Owen's Volunteering Story

Owen came to CARE last summer from messaging us on Facebook to coming in to fill out a volunteering form. Owen said, “When I first started, I was greeted by Sam and the other staff, and have been welcomed ever since I walked through the door.”

Little did he know at the time that we had the perfect volunteering job for him! For the past 7 months Owen’s help has been incredible assisting our Van driver, Antony, on the van helping the furniture donation project as well as collecting shop donations. This involves heavy lifting on and off the van, into people’s homes and into our CARE shop.

Owen shared his volunteering story about how much he loves working at CARE.

He explained how much it’s boosted his confidence and keeps him busy. He enjoys being able to get out of the house and learn lots of new skills. He went on to say, “I’ve been shown how to use the till on the days I’m not working on the van and I’ve been helping bring in donations.”

We asked Owen if he had learnt any other new skills since starting out volunteering and he went on to share, “I have learnt some new stuff, I have learnt how to communicate with the customers, I’ve also been helping Antony in the van answering the phone to customers and clients while Antony is driving. Ringing people up if they aren’t in and leaving a message for them.” We are so proud of Owen’s help and dedication to CARE, he has been a great support, keeping our furniture project running.

We are so glad to see Owen’s confidence sore from the support he has been given. He told us: “My confidence has gone from really low to right to the top.”

This is great Owen! Thank you so much for sharing your story and all the hard work you put in to making sure the people of our community have access to CARE's services.

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