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“CARE are doing a brilliant job to help support the community.”

Supporting families and individuals is what CARE does best, as we truly care about everyone who seeks out support. We are dedicated to working with people from various backgrounds who are struggling to get by.

One client shared: "CARE support saved my life."

We step in and relieve homelessness, poverty and distress through a variety of projects including an innovative housing service, intensive 1:1 community support, drop in support, food bank, furniture donation project, utility support and toys for joy at Christmas.

"CARE is saving people from catastrophe." - said a CARE Landlord.

We can proudly share some of the great feedback from CARE clients and a special thanks to those individuals who have worked with us, openly shared their stories, and give us some great, honest feedback.

“Other services have closed doors in my face. CARE isn’t textbook. They listen to the needs of people and do their very best to help. They have a different understanding of people's needs, they help with everything”. - Client

Another client said: “Every time you come to see me, it’s like there’s this wall in front of me and every visit you are taking a brick out of the wall and I can see a way forward and the light shining through”.

At CARE we strive for people to be at the forefront of the needs-led services we offer. We feel passionately that our services are direct access. Meaning a person will be able to walk in off the street, discuss their needs and be in the lead regarding their own pathway.

Client supported by CARE: "I have always been kept in the loop and any final decision has been made by me and it has been an informed decision”.

“Before I came to CARE, I didn’t feel like I was worth anything, but through CARE, I know that I am a worthy member of society”. - Shared by a Client

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