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Emily's Volunteering Story

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Emily started volunteering for the CARE shop back in 2019, she got stuck straight in to learning how to use the till, making new friends, and helping the community. Emily’s husband Danny used to volunteer for CARE too, supporting our Van driver on delivering and collecting furniture and then went on to find employment. Danny will still help as and when he can though which is great! Emily stayed volunteering and says,

“Everyone’s so friendly, the staff are supportive and if I have any problems I can talk to anyone, they are like a little family to me.”

Emily used to be a nanny with a Level 3 Diploma in childcare and loves sorting out the children’s toys and clothes over at the shop. Her and Danny had their second child, Harry, last August and he’s our latest little helper. Emily has been an absolute treasure and we are so grateful for all the time she puts in to support CARE, whilst also looking after her little boy. Everyone loves having Harry being around for baby cuddles, baby smiles and bringing joy to staff and shop customers.

Back in 2020 Emily and Danny unfortunately had to say goodbye to their first child, Skyla. Emily went for her 20-week baby scan, and Skyla’s heart sadly wasn’t beating, which lead to Emily being induced to birth their still born. Emily shared how supportive the staff at the CARE shop was during this period, always there to listen to her worries whilst she navigated this loss. She went on to say how grateful she is to have been encouraged to bring in Harry now too, how much this helps her mental health to get out the house, speak to people and keep busy whilst looking after her 7 month old baby.

Everyone at CARE is so happy to have such a dedicated, friendly, kind, and welcoming volunteer to greet customers in the shop, help sort out stock, work on the till and help manage our CARE shop Facebook page. Dedicating a lot of her time planning, creating and sharing Facebook posts of images of the shop stock to get customers in. In her free time Emily also comments on Facebook posts of people struggling, who live in the local area, and then direct them to CARE. Shining a light onto the incredible services we offer in our community.

We asked Emily what she would advice someone who wants to approach CARE for support, and she said, “Don’t be worried if one has problems in life, just open up and talk about it.”

We also asked Emily what she would say to someone wanting to volunteer for CARE and she shared,

“Do it. Just do it. It’s such a lovely place to work and everyone is so friendly.”

Finally, a great big thank you to Emily for sharing her volunteering journey and opening up about her personal story. She is a credit to our CARE family and we are so grateful for everything she brings to the people of our community.

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