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CARE's New Hub in the Heart of Grimsby

Our Vision:

Bringing people together from all walks of life. We want to create a community hub in the heart of our town welcoming the people of Grimsby to have a warm space, connect with one another, feel at home, have new opportunities, and receive support and practical help.

CARE Community Hub Project: 

CARE Hub Project: 

We have purchased the old Royal Bank of Scotland, with the help of the Key Fund, on Victoria Street, Riverhead Square to transform into a welcoming Hub. It will replace our current offices on Hainton Avenue, which are now too small, cramped and with poor accessibility.


CARE needs a larger building which is well located, with space to grow and to meet the needs of our community. As the demand for support over the years has increased, we plan on being able to support over 2,000 people intensively, in this new building.


Offering new opportunities for the local community such as creating new jobs, new volunteering opportunities and a new home for community engagement. Whilst continuing and growing our current services of intensive housing support, holistic community support, crisis drop in, food and utility relief, furniture donations and toys for joy.

         This service has made such a big difference. I think without this help being available, the suicide rate would increase. Without this help, I do not know where I would be.

CARE support saved my life.

         Other services have closed doors in my face. CARE isnt textbook. They listen to the needs of people and do their very best to help. They have a different understanding of people's needs, they help with everything.

Our Aims: 

We want to provide shorter waiting time for clients; accessibility for people with disabilities; a comfortable waiting area/community space for clients to receive help filling in referral forms; private meeting rooms for 1:1 appointments with clients; a warm space during the colder months for people struggling; a space for community workshops to take place; and for friendships and connections within the community to blossom.

News Updates: 

Find out all about the news updates

We Need Your Help!

The new CARE Hub will be four times bigger than our current premise and will require some renovation work. With your support, we will create an invaluable hub in the heart of Grimsby town.

          Every time you come to see me, its like theres this wall in front of me and every visit you are taking a brick out of the wall and I can see a way forward and the light shining through.

Have Your Say:

As this project is for the people of  Grimsby, we would love to hear your views. We would be super thankful if you could take a minute out of your day to fill out our Community Consultation Survey.

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The project has been made possible thanks to the generous contributions from our partners and supporters. We would like to thank the funders for their contribution and belief in our cause. Their support has made a huge impact on the success of our project.

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