What to expect when visiting Our CARE Shop

Now that we have re-opened our shop we want everyone to have confidence and feel safe working, volunteering and shopping with us at this time.  We are following the Government’s guidance on social distancing of 2-metres where possible; therefore we are limiting the number of customers in the shop at any one time to eight.  We are operating a one-way system which is marked out on the floor with tape and direction arrows. There is also one door to enter and another to exit the shop. We will offer to sanitise customer’s hands upon entry and again after they have been served at the till.

New stock in our shop will be stored in quarantine for a minimum of 72 hours before being put out on display; our preferred method of payment, like other shops and businesses, will be contactless or card but cash will be accepted; we recommend that you wash your purchases before use, and importantly, STAY ALERT > CONTROL THE VIRUS > SAVE LIVES.

To enable us to follow the Government’s advice on quarantining donated goods before sorting and displaying them we can no longer receive donations directly into the shop; DONATIONS WILL ONLY BE RECEIVED AT THE REAR OF THE SHOP BETWEEN 9:00AM – 11:00AM; Please ring the bell that is situated on the side wall and we will gratefully take in your generous donation.

During the period of lock-down and with people working from home we understand that many people have been clearing out those items they no longer want but that still have a re-usable life left in them.  Waste facilities are becoming more stringent with what unusable items we can take to the tip, which could lead to use incurring increased waste costs, so with this in mind we are having to review what items we can accept from you. Therefore, as much as we need your donations please can you ask yourselves some of the questions and consider some of the suggestions on the poster above as you are sorting your valued donation out.

By incorporating all of this Government advice and guidance we can stay ‘Covid-19 Secure’ for all our staff, volunteers, customers and donors.